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Graphic-web-print designing glossary/dictionary of terms

These terms are commonly used in the graphic design and website design world.


The part of a lowercase letter that falls below the body (baseline) of the letter. "g", "j", "p", "q" and "y" are all examples of letters with descenders.

Dedicated Line
A dedicated line is a permanent connection to the Internet using an individual, separate phone line.

Stands Dynamic Hypertext Mark-up Language. DHTML is an HTML extension that allows web pages to react to the end users' input, such as displaying a web page based on the type of browser or computer end users are viewing a page with.

A directory (such as Yahoo, commonly mistaken for a search engine) depends on people for listings. The main difference between a search engine and a directory is that a directory does not make use of a spider or robot. One of the defining characteristics of a directory is that it is usually divided into categories.

In order to display a full-color graphic image on a 256-color monitor, computers must simulate the colors it cannot display. They do this by dithering which is combining pixels from a 256-color palette into patterns that approximate other colors. At a distance, the human eye merges the pixels into a single color. Up close, the graphic image will appear pixelated and speckled.

Stands for Domain Name System. The DNS translates URL text addresses (such as or into a numeric Internet address (such as

Doorway Page
Web pages created specifically for search engine positions. Also known as gateway page or a bridge page.

Stands for dots per inch. DPI specifies the resolution of an output device, such as a printer or printing press machine. Print resolution usually runs from 300-1200 dots per inch on a Laser Printer and 125-225 dots per inch for photographic images on a print brochure. (For information on input device measurements see ppi.)

Drop-Down Menu
In an online form, a drop-down menu (also known as a pull-down menu). If you click your mouse on the arrows, you will be able to select a product or service. Drop-down menus are commonly used for web site navigation.

Drop Shadow
A drop shadow gives an image depth by creating a shading offset behind a selected image.

The application of two colors to provide richer tones than a monotone (single-color image, usually grayscale) can provide. A good duotone image can simulate a wider range of the color spectrum than two colors used separately. Duotones also use a hue (color) to set the mood for a photo in a more stunning way than a full-color image can.


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