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Graphic-web-print designing glossary/dictionary of terms

These terms are commonly used in the graphic design and website design world.


Image Map
An image map is a single graphic image containing multiple, clickable hyperlinks.

Information Page
A static web page that is designed, coded, and written primarily for a target audience but formatted for optimal search engine and directory positioning.

The "information superhighway" that is made possible by standard Transmission Control Protocols/Internet Protocols (TCP/IP). Originally developed for the U.S. military in 1969, it grew to include educational and research institutions. With the advent of Netscape Navigator, the arcane commands formerly used to access the Internet became unnecessary. The Internet includes the World Wide Web, Usenet user groups and newsgroups.

Storing partial data from a single graphic image in multiple sequences. The purpose of interlacing is to have a partial image initially appear on screen rather than having to wait for the image to appear in its entirety. With interlacing, equally spaced sets of lines from the original image are stored together, and these sets appear one on top of the other in sequence.

An interstitial is a web advertisement that appears in a separate browser window, other than the target web page.

A computer network that functions like the Internet using web browser software to access and process the information that employees need, but the information and web pages are located on computers within a company.

IP (Internet Protocol) Address
An IP address is a number that identifies a particular server or user on the Internet. These numbers consist of four set of numbers between 0 and 255 such as and are the basis for any transfer of information over the Internet.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)
A company or organization that lets users connect to the Internet by dialing into its computers using a modem. ISPs typically charge a fee for providing a dial-up telephone number, an email address, and some technical assistance (usually via email). Also called an IPP. See also online service.


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