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Graphic-web-print designing glossary/dictionary of terms

These terms are commonly used in the graphic design and website design world.


Validation is a way to make sure that your code is compliant with the current HTML specifications. This means you can check to make sure that you didn't accidentally use proprietary tags that would only work on your particular browser.

Vector Graphic
A graphics format that uses shapes and lines, called paths. Vector graphics are resolution independent graphics that appear smooth and crisp regardless of how magnified the image is on screen. They also can be enlarged as big as you want them without having jagged edges. This format is best for line art and logos that don't require complicated coloring or textures . They are usually exported to be bitmap images.

A series of framed images put together, one after another, to simulate motion and interactivity. A video can be transmitted by number of frames per second and/or the amount of time between switching frames. The difference between video and animation is that video is broken down into individual frames.


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