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Graphic-web-print designing glossary/dictionary of terms

These terms are commonly used in the graphic design and website design world.


Radio Button
If you click on a radio buttons, you will only be able to select one answer. A radio button is different from a check box, which can accept multiple checked items at a time.

A way to convert the curves in type and illustrations (vector-based graphics) into a pattern of dots which can be displayed on a raster based screen or print device.

This is a command found in many computer applications that returns the document to it's last saved state.

To change the resolution of an image. Resampling down discards pixel information in an image; resampling up adds pixel information through interpolation.

This determines the detail of an image based on the amount of pixels. More pixels means higher resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the printed output.

Stands for the colors Red-Green-Blue. In web design and design for computer monitors, colors are defined in terms of a combination of these three colors. For example, the RGB abbreviation for the color blue shown below is 0-0-255. In contrast, print designers typically define colors using CMYK.

Royalty-Free Photos or Images
Photos, graphic images, or other intellectual property that are sold for a single standard fee and may be used repeatedly by the purchaser. Typically with royalty-free clauses, the company that sells you the images still owns all of the rights to the images, and they are allowed for use only by the purchaser (i.e., the same images cannot be used by another company or individual without repurchase).

Rules, or horizontal rules, are HTML tags enable you to insert horizontal lines as separators or dividers. Web graphic designers will vary the length and color of horizontal rules to add emphasis and flair. The following gray line is a horizontal rule set at a width of 50 percent.


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